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Why You Need a Digital Business Card

Mbafe Malcolm
Mbafe Malcolm
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Why You Need a Digital Business Card
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In recent times, there have been a lot of changes in terms of Communications.

Digital Business Card is one of those fairly new methods and proves to be a great upgrade over the traditional Paper business Cards.

A digital Business card is a modern method to share contact information.

These are intended to replace the old business cards.

Business cards have been around for quite some time now, and their time is finally over. Moreover, we doubt that paper business cards were actually ever efficient.

A recently conducted study shows that 88% of paper business cards are likely to be thrown out within the first week that they are given in.

A digital business card happens to be a great upgrade as it is a more efficient way of transferring one’s contact information.

Digital Business cards add convenience and also are a great alternative to business cards in the current scenario of Coronavirus.

Digital business cards can be shared over devices so you don’t actually have to come in contact with a person.

Paper business cards also happened to be very limited in terms of adding information.

However, with digital business cards, there is no limit as to how much information you can add to your card.

If you are looking for some reasons to consider getting a digital business card, then go through this read. 

Reasons You Should Get a Digital Business Card:

Reasons You Should Get a Digital Business Card

Digital Business Cards happen to be an important invention in today’s world.

Having said that, we are going to list some reasons and some benefits that you stand to gain from Digital Business Cards.


In these times, a lot of people consider things that add to their convenience. After all, technology is all about adding to one’s convenience.

A Digital Business card is a great option when you are looking for added convenience.

All you need to have access to a phone or a computer to carry your digital business cards with you.

Since the whole process regarding digital business cards is electronic, the users won’t have to worry about issues that they used to face with business cards.

The traditional business cards would need to be reprinted once you run low on supply.

But when you go with a digital business card, you are going to have unlimited copies of your digital cards.

Moreover, The functionality of Digital Cards happens to be rather flexible.

There goes a lot of cost in printing a business card.

If you have a business card and your job title changes, any of your contact information changes, or you so much as to make a typo, the cards and all the money spent are going to be wasted.

The whole process is going to be very costly and you could just avoid this whole mess from getting a digital business card.

When you create a digital card, you are able to make changes anytime that you see fit.

Moreover, you won’t have to reprint them or anything like that; they are going to get updated automatically even in your client’s contact books. 



It is no secret that traditional business cards are extremely harmful to nature.

Business cards made of papers are not the most productive way of exchanging contact information.

As mentioned above, a study shows that within the first week of receiving a paper business card they are thrown away.

This also kicks away from your opportunity to conduct a business as the customer is simply going to lose your contact information.

And when you look at this from the eco-friendly perspective, this amounts to a huge amount of wasted paper.

When you create a digital business card, you are actually going to be helping the planet to thrive better and you will have contributed to making this world a better place.



When it comes to options that are rather budget-friendly and affordable, A digital Business card takes the victory over the traditional paper business cards.

Various Business card applications on your smartphone or on the internet can be used for Free to create a Digital Business Card.

This shuts down the requirements of printing presses to take hundreds of dollars for each year for printing paper cards that are not going to even matter in the end.

It’s a common business practice to invest your money somewhere where you stand to benefit more or at least to cut down any unwanted expenses.

When you create and switch to a digital business card, you are going to be able to use the money saved from those business cards for better purposes. 


In times of a Global Pandemic, a Digital Business card fits right in. Since this virus spreads from human contact, then it is better to avoid it.

A digital business card helps you avoid any contact for sharing a business card.

Since Online meetings and virtual events have become a new standard, digital business cards fit right in.

They give the users the ability to share them with anyone, and anywhere that they want to.

All the owners of the digital cards will need to do is send their QR codes over or send the link and they will have shared their digital card. 

Seamless Follow-Ups:

Seamless Follow-ups

According to a study of a normal phenomenon discussed above, it is pretty conclusive that paper business cards are not the best means for exchanging contact information.

Your client could end up losing that card or the card could damage and your client will not be able to reach you.

Even if they don’t lose the card, it is highly possible that your card gets mixed up in lots of cards and they might not remember to reach you.

With a digital business card, you will be able to reach the receiver’s inbox which will allow the person you have shared the information with to easily integrate your card.

Due to this, following up and getting a business becomes a lot easier. 


Here are some reasons that are enough to prove that  Digital Cards are way better than traditional paper business cards.

We hope that this article provides enough to tell you all about the reasons that you should get yourself a digital business card.

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