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6 Ways of Using Your Smart Business Card

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Mbafe Malcolm
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Since we all have been witnessing advancement in technology, long gone are the days where people used to have paper business cards along with them as a means to share and exchange their contact information with their clients and customers out there.

A smart business card, or more known as the digital business card, happens to be a thing of a modern people and modern company and is here to stay for a prolonged period. 

And with that being said, owning a smart business card of your own happens to be the most important milestone that has marked the adulthood of almost every one of us.

As the time is changing every minute, the culture has been updated with the time and professionals have started giving importance to these smart business cards.

What counts to be the best part of the business card is that it comes in handy with ultimate features and highlights that happen to do so much more than just allowing users to share and exchange their contact information with their clients.

Smart business cards tend to be the perfect networking tool armored with premium attributes that can help to be of great viable help to a networker.

Without any further delay, allow us to introduce you to the best six ways in which you can use your smart business card.

Contactless Contact Sharing:

Contactless Contact Sharing

The one and only fundamental use, or more called it, as the intention behind coming up with the business cards was solely to eradicate the need for physical exchange of the business cards.

A smart business card happens to provide users with the opportunity to transfer the contact information of one person to another person via the help of a smartphone.

All you have to do is to tap your card on your clientele’s phone, and the details and personnel information of yours mentioned on your business card would automatically be saved in the phone of your client.

This factor eradicates the need of carrying a stack of business cards along with you at parties, and you no longer have to worry about running out of your business cards.

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Lead Generation:

Smart business cards come in handy with the viable feature that offers you to gather information about your client simply by tapping your smart business card on your client’s phone.

In addition to this, you can also link your smart business card with your CRM tool that would tend to be helpful as it will send all the leads you generated directly to your CRM and would pace up your follow-up.

Now you would be able to send a follow-up to your client straight from your favorite CRM, email, or marketing tool according to your personnel preference, and won’t have to be dependent on anyone to do the job for you.

Share Your Portfolio:

Share Your Portfolio

This happens to be a feature that would surely prove to be fruitful for influencers and social media professionals out there.

With having a smart business card around you, you would be able to share your entire social media presence along with the clickable links of your real accounts, too in a single tap.

Freelancers can make the most from this feature as well, as they would no longer feel the need of sharing their work portfolios on individual platforms.

Smart business cards have made the life of the networkers quite flexible, as it happens to be one of the easiest ways to establish one’s brand by still being at work.

Pitch Your Business:

By using the link-sharing feature smart business card comes in handy, you have the opportunity to link your website and share its link with your clientele, which he would be able to open with a single tap.

This portrays a positive image of you as well as your company in the eyes of the clientele!

Elevate your Video Calls:

Video Calls

Smart business cards happen to be the most versatile thing you would ever get your hands on.

Apart from accommodating other features, smart business cards have got you covered in video calls too.

While being on the video call, you can provide your clients with a link to your smart business card, where each and every information that your client may need of you would be stored there.

Track and Analyze Your Performance:

One of the biggest drawbacks of paper cards is that one wasn’t able to keep track of where the cards they were providing to their customers ended up.

Hence this is where you will know the real worth of these smart business cards.

A smart business card is enabled with the ability that it can track the taps that have been made to the links present in your smart business cards, as well as allow you to keep a record of how many views you are getting over your smart business card.

If you are a sales leader and don’t want to miss any lead of yours, then this is the feature that would surely suit best with your taste.

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While wrapping it all up, paper business cards happen to be a thing of the old world, now in the world we live in, everything has been turned into digital, even the time we used to see in the clock happens to be digital as well.

With that being said, professionals workers and employees have switched towards a digital, and more secure way of transferring, sharing, and exchanging information, which is none other than the smart business card.

Coming armored with premium attributes, this smart business card happens to be strong gear a networker would ever have.

With that being said, we are sure of the fact that the above described six ways one can utilize his smart business card would surely provide you with a profound experience!

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