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Why Paper Business Cards Aren’t Smart

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Mbafe Malcolm
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Paper Business Cards Aren’t Smart
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Smart Business cards happen to be a true extension of you, as well as of your business, and thus, these smart business cards have always been considered an integral part of one’s networking experience.

Whether you attend events such as The annual content marketing world or a couple of small locally based events, exchanging smart business cards happens to be the quickest way one can exchange information.

In much simpler words, a business card happens to be a magical representation of you and your company to your clientele.

However, have you ever thought about these smart business cards for a moment?

Ever thought about what can be so profound that can change this tradition of exchanging business cards?

Since pandemic, none of us can guarantee that the events that were used to be held before will come back in their usual form and none of us know whether we would be able to exchange our traditional business cards with people or not? the future tends to be somewhat blurry in this regard.

Though a lot of people out there happen to be in the favour of paper business cards, however, this article is being written down with an intention to educate you about the fact that how you can edge past your competitors with the help of smart business cards.

Why Should I Even Carry a Stack of Business Cards?

Business Cards

It is so obvious that if you had the chance to go to any marketing event happening in your town, you would surely be meeting hundreds of people there.

Though hundred happens to be quite a figure, but trust up, those handshakes add up faster than your imagination.

And with that being said, carrying a stack of paper business cards along with you to the event can prove to be a daunting task, especially when you are in a specific man’s or women’s outfit that doesn’t accommodate you with any storage to store your business cards.

And one the off chances that you managed to keep quite a stack of your business paper cards with you, then allow us to ask that for what purpose you are doing that much struggle for?

As we all are well aware of the fact that the paper business card that goes in hand to hand can easily be tossed around, lost, or gets dropped, and there are high chances that some of the people to whom you give your business card, won’t even look at your paper business card.

And here comes the smart business cards in handy. Smart business cards such as Mobilo cards save you from the trouble of carrying the stacks of business cards along with you to the events.

All you need to have is one business card of yours along with you, hold that card near any phone and your whole of the information present in the paper business card yours would appear on the phone immediately.

This not only saves the time of the people but utilizes Mobilo smart business card method to exchange your information with the people ensures that the information you are providing to the people would safely get saved on their phone.

This can also be stated as the ultimate SEO of a phone!

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Making an Unforgettable Impression:

Are you aware of the fact that life never provides you with a second chance to undo the first impression you just ruined by your hands?

Hence, you should do everything you can to make sure that the first impression your clientele has of yours should be a memorable one.

And what can prove to be a more productive way to leave a positive impression of yours on your clientele than providing him with a smart business card of your company instead of that average paper card.

As modern technology is pushing people to stay in the lead, the competition one has with their competitors is rising every moment, and if one starts getting somewhat behind in technology, then there are high chances of him not coping well in the competition.

Use a smart business card to tap on the phone of your clientele, and we are sure of the fact that this would surely leave a smile on the face of your client.

And with that being said, this happens to be somewhat a magical wireless transmission system, that would surely leave a positive image of you and your company over your clientele.

Hence, this is how a single smart business card can help you get your hands to your potential leads, and bring a heaping amount of profits to your company.

Ditch that Pitch and Let your Work do the Talking:

Ditch that Pitch and Let your Work do the Talking

Lately, the word pitch is considered to be old school, and everything revolves around starting a meaningful conversation with your client.

In order to develop a profound rapport with yours, you really need to invite people to have short conversations with you, share their opinions regarding heated topics currently prevailing in society, and ask them to participate in the ongoing events regarding your niche in your area.

And here smart business cards come in handy, as a smart business card can easily be programmed and attached with the link of any product description or product launch demo, which simply means that you can allow your product to do the talking for you, while you keenly observe your targeted audience to interact with the content.

Imagine how troublesome it could be to tell your clients about what URL they should type in the search bar on your laptop and how they can go through your product manually.

Smart business cards happen to be the ultimate way one can keep things easy and yet simple.

And with that being said, a natural conversation kicks off pretty well and helps you to make your relationship with your clients healthy and fruitful, while showing off your product and your contact details to your client simultaneously.

Driving Your Brand Identity in no Time:

Networking happens to be a crucial factor, especially for the influencers as they have a load on their head of building their brand from scratch to taking it to the point where it gets the recognition of the people that it actually deserves.

In much simpler words, networking happens to be the best way one can boost the perception of the people about his brands, and the visibility of his brand among the locals.

And this is where a smart business comes in handy with.

As an influencer, you have the opportunity to save your social media accounts like LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube in your smart business card app account.

Then you can customize your business card by adding colorful themes to it, along with an avatar that represents you, or you can add your simple profile photo too, however adding an avatar seems to be cooler.

Smart business cards simply fast-track the process of networking, which an average paper business card won’t be able to pull off, ever!

Let’s Go Green:

Let’s Go Green

First thing first, let’s get started with some basic facts and figures.

According to research, Twenty-seven million business cards are printed per day in the United States only, then talking about the world just provides you with a number that would be hard to read by people.

 And in order to produce these paper business cards, a lot of trees are being cut down and a lot of deforestation is being taken place, for what?

Just you can hand off your one single paper-based business card to your client, which he might throw away at the end of the day!

But this isn’t the case with the smart business cards, being solely dependent on technology, not a single tree may have to be cut down to produce these smart business cards!

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While wrapping it all up, we acknowledge the fact that paper business cards happen to be one of the easiest tools in which one can exchange information about his own self, and about the company he works for with his clientele super easily.

However, you should consider this fact too that the world we live in is evolving and progressing at a rapid speed.

Modern living ways have been introduced to us lately, which happens to be fruitful for us in their own specific way.

And with that being said, smart business cards happen to be one of them.

From creating one to sending it to your respective clientele, smart business cards come with ease of operation, and would surely provide you with profound experience.

Talking about logistics, some of the reasons are mentioned above which surely becomes the reason behind why we should give up on business cards, rest we leave this matter to the user, and to their fine judgment!

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