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What is Holistic Marketing and Should Your Small Business Use It?

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Holistic Marketing
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As the business world expands more and more marketing strategies are being born. 

These marketing strategies help to flourish a business whether it be a well-settled one or a new start-up.

Marketing strategies have always been a great help in evolving businesses. 

With the growing demand in businesses, these strategies are being more and more modified in order to bring the best possible yield out of a business. 

When a person starts his own business he should have a strategic plan in his mind which he will follow to make his business a success. 

There are many strategic marketing plans that a person that applies to his business. 

Well-settled businesses require solid marketing plans which will help to fend off competitors and bring more profit.

New startup businesses require a slow and steady plan which will help the newborn business to flourish steadily and bring profits.

What is Holistic Marketing?

Holistic Marketing

Holistic Marketing is one of the many successful marketing strategies that are out there. This business strategy oversees all the different departments of a business.

This strategy refers to a business as one combined entity. A business with many different departments or branches will be seen as one unit.

All the departments and branches will be brought together and combined to form a single being.

This strategy provides a unique and shared purpose for all the departments of a business which helps to straighten out and align the business’s different aspects.

When working in the same direction towards the same goals and purposes, all the different branches of a business combined together to produce the best possible outcome.

Aligning all the processes of a business not only gives the highest yield but also creates a satisfactory customer response on different levels.

Principle Components of Holistic Marketing:

Holistic Marketing has four main parts, each part plays an individual role in bringing the business together and helping it to flourish.

Internal Marketing:

Internal Marketing

These specific terms refer to the marketing department which is responsible for marketing and managing the system from the inside.

The collaboration between the marketing department and other departments is essential for the betterment of a business.

Integrated Marketing:

The department involved in integrated marketing is responsible for sales, advertisements, customer relations, and communication via social media. 

All these fields are combined under integrated marketing in order to work as a unified force and produce higher results.

Performance Marketing:

Performance Marketing

This keeps check of the parts with are affiliated with the work performance of a business.

A lot of planning is put in order to sell out the products, meet the criteria of satisfied customers and create a seamless and consistent product line.

The legal and ethical responsibilities that a business carries are made sure to be fulfilled.

Relationship Marketing:

This too revolves around the relationship a business has with its employees, customers, business allies, and other competitors.

A well-settled business is based on the relationship between the people working in it and the people it is working for.

This particular field helps to strengthen these bonds.

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Examples of Holistic Marketing:

There are many good examples of well flourishes businesses that have applied and followed holistic marketing throughout their success journey to the top from the bottom.

Some of these examples are known to people all around the world.

Apple is a perfect example of a company that has successfully implemented holistic marketing. Everything within the company is revolved around the ideas of holistic marketing. 

The products are manufacture by keeping the customers in mind, in order to fulfill the criteria of the customer.

Such a good production line creates a satisfactory customer response. Developers design apples store according to the latest fashion in such an interactive way that even the unwilling audience come and have a look around.

The customer service within the stores is superb. Apple is the wizard which has mastered the craft of holistic marketing.

Heineken is another good example of a brand that relies on holistic marketing for success. Heineken has used this strategy to increase its yields over the past few years.

Its main purpose changed from just the beer to focusing more on its exposure, interaction on social media, and relationships with its customers.

This included the promotion of an eco-friendly way of brewing beer.

Small Businesses and Holistic Marketing:

Small Businesses

Taking on a holistic approach in marketing that oversees all the business and every single person in it is a very good plan. 

This combining of everything under the umbrella of a sole purpose is all very well till you gain recognition from an international forum with a vast budget. 

But the real question is that will this marketing strategy work for fresh startups and small businesses. 

Well, this marketing strategy does not require a great budget and can be easily executed with a small amount of investment.

This strategy requires small budgets and in return gives great profits. The main purpose of it is to re-evaluate every aspect of the business.

 By combining all the fields of a business, from high-quality production to satisfactory customer response, this plan gives the best results and high yield which is very beneficial for 

small or new businesses.

Benefits of Holistic Marketing:

Rather than focusing on different components individually this strategy combines and brings together all the branches and different departments of a department. 

Individual consensus on each department presents rather conflicting information but when combines together this brings out the 110% of a business

This builds a strong cohesive bond between the different branches and puts forward a seamless consistency for the customers.

Holistic marketing recreates a business and provides a unique aim for all other branches. 

This approach can systematically help a small or well-settled business reach its productive heights.

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As people are getting more involved with businesses. The marketing department all around the world is receiving a lot of pressure.

Having said that, many people are generating unique marketing strategies.

There are a lot of options when it comes to marketing and the promotion of a new business. 

A person should see for himself that what kind of marketing strategy will be most suitable for him.

And his business in order to bring out the best results and highest productivity.

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