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Why Digital Business Cards are the Smart Choice Over NFC Business Cards?

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Digital business cards are a clever way to go when it comes to networking. They are not only cheaper, but you can also share with everyone else wherever.

Face it—business cards are an inconvenience. Moreover, they are costly, frustrating to keep up to date, and they probably collect dust in your desk drawer because of COVID-19.

However, there are two developments in the market as alternatives for traditional business cards: business cards and digital business cards from close-field Communication (NFC).

While comparable in idea, NFC business cards and their identical RFID cards from digital business cards differ from several fundamental characteristics.

Digital business card applications, on the other hand, are typically free like HiHello.

You must never concern yourself with losing your smart business card at home as long as you have your phone on your phone, you may share your card with anyone.

You still have to purchase and carry an actual business card with you with RFID and NFC business cards, and, most importantly, you need to be near to the person with whom you share the card.

Digital Business Cars Vs NFC Business Cards – You Won’t Have To Carry a Physical Card:

Physical Card

Have you ever tried to offer someone your business card to get your card left at home?

While you can view NFC business cards hassle-free, the fact is that you must always have your card with you while using an NFC or RFID card as a standard business card.

One of the main benefits of digital business cards is that you always have access to your virtual map, as long as your phone (or Apple Watch) is on you.

(When did you last go without your phone?) (And let’s be honest.)

Digital Business Cars Vs NFC Business Cards – You Can share Your Card With Everyone:


The tap-and-go technology is a positive for a few if you are networking remotely, like if via a Zoom call, it is possibly much handier than paper business cards for personal networking.

Moreover, you may also use the iOS widget HiHello (which puts your QR code on the home screen on your phone) or send the iMessage app to your card.

You can even utilize HiHello with NFC technology, but more about that later, if you like the notion of “tap-and-go.”

Furthermore, the future of networking in the post-COVID19 era is digital business cards for WhatsApp.

Also, whether you’re right next door to somebody or hundreds of kilometers apart, Hello allows you to transmit your digital business card even if they haven’t got the app.

Moreover, you may share your business card with anybody through Airdrop, posting a link to your social card, using a unique QR code, email, or SMS.

Digital Business Cars Vs NFC Business Cards – Affordable Than NFC Business Cards:

NFC Business Cards

 When you buy an NFC business card, you can buy NFC tags from a site like Amazon for a fraction of the cost.

Moreover, the sensible and economical approach of using NFC technology would be to buy an NFC tag from Amazon (it would look like a sticker) and add a link to your business card to the tag using HiHello’s. “Write to NFC” functionality.

Furthermore, you may share your Digital Visitor Card with touch after placing the tag on the back of your mobile phone (or any other items mounted on your phone, such as a telephone cover or pop socket).

RFID and NFC business cards are hidden charges.

Digital Business Cars Vs NFC Business Cards – Can Be Created And Shared Immediately:

Shared Immediately

You will not be able to use it immediately if you want an NFC business card. It’s going to take a few days (from day to a week) before your NFC or RFID card is sent in the email.

If you’re looking for a new business card right now, head to App Store or Google Play Store and searching for a “digital business card” and download the app you’re looking for.

(Obviously, we endorse HiHello, but don’t speak to us—look at HiHello’s ratings and read your review!)

When you download HiHello, it will take a few minutes before you can make a business card.

Digital Business Cars Vs NFC Business Cards – Are More Customizable Than NFC Business Cards:

Not all NFC business cards have applications; therefore, there is a 2×4 piece of paper or plastic that you are restricted.

One of the nice things about digital cards is that you can customize them, and you can put as much information on your card as you like. Your business card may have a video, incorporate your pronouns, display different connections to your company. 

Digital Business Cars Vs NFC Business Cards – Digital Business Cards Are Easily Editable:

Cards Are Easily Editable

In the past, they had to purchase an entirely new package of business cards when they modified the information.

You may always edit the information on your digital business card HiHello. Get an award?

Open the HiHello application, modify your card, and add the new headline!

Marry and change your name? Marry? Change your last name and put your card in your Maiden Name field.

You may replace your card anywhere and whenever you choose, using the iOS and Android applications HiHello.

Digital Business Cars Vs NFC Business Cards – Eco-Friendly Than NFC Business Cards:

Every sort of physical business card has a clear environmental impact (albeit NFC or otherwise).

The material wastes needed to produce the actual card and the effects of shipping on the environment.

Digital business cards are eco-friendly—no trash and no excessive use of fossil fuel come from them.

Even businesses see this and are moving more towards digital business cards for all their staff.

Digital Business Cars Vs NFC Business Cards – You Won’t Misplace Your Digital Business Card:

Digital Business Card

NFC business cards can be lost or misplaced like with any other tiny object. You will need to buy another one when that happens and wait till it comes in.

On the other hand, you won’t misplace your digital business card – you’ll always have access with HiHello to your electronic card as long as you’re close to your phone, tablet, computer, or apple watch.

Digital Business Cars Vs NFC Business Cards – Gives You Access:

The only profit with an NFC Visitor Card, like regular Visitor Cards, is your actual card.

In contrast, you frequently have access to even more functionality than the card itself if you download the digital business card app.

On HiHello, you can build a virtual backdrop for zooms, teams from Microsoft, and Google Meeting using your mobile business card so you can quickly share your card in a video conference.

You can get a google digital business card.

If you rely on email for a lot of your company, you may use the HiHello E-Signature function that uses your card to establish a signature connecting to your e-card.

Digital Business Cars Vs NFC Business Cards – Great For Teams And Companies Of All Sizes:

Great For Teams And Companies Of All Sizes

Most firms have provided actual business cards to their workers until recently.

The digital business card concept is gaining popularity as more enterprises are moving far away in the face of the coronavirus outbreak.

You may register for a digital business card platform like HiHello Business and create your whole team using virtual cards rather than only purchase physical business cards or NFC business cards for each employee.

When someone changes their title, you never need to rearrange new cards, and you can view all the relationships you make and have access to all the above-mentioned unique networking features.

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How Do Digital Business Cards Work?

It’s straightforward and may be done within minutes to make a digital business card.

First, a digital business card software has to be downloaded.

You will start your first virtual card when you’ve got the software on your iPhone or Android smartphone.

HiHello enables you to build a digital business card on your machine – establish an account (or connect to) on the HiHello site, and you can make, amend and browse your contacts.

There are several digital applications for business cards, and you have to select the one that works best for you.

HiHello is a free digital business card, card scanner, and contact management software.

We endorse this service.

Hello allows you to build numerous digital cards with information about each card to create a card, one for consumers, your friends, and your business contacts.

Unlike other business card applications, HiHello enables you to share your card with anyone, even if it doesn’t have an app.

What Is A Digital Business Card?

Digital Business Card

A digital business card is an online communication method, often known as a virtual or electronic business card.

On an iPhone, iPad, Android, or PC, digital business cards are typically cheaper than their paper counterparts.

Moreover, you can adapt, develop, and share electronic business with anybody, as is the case with traditional business cards.

There are no digital card space limits – you can put as much or as little information to your card as you like.

You may add a photo or a video, a logo, social network accounts, and more to your standard contact information (including your name, company, email, and telephone).

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