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A Guide to Digital Business Cards in 2021

Mbafe Malcolm
Mbafe Malcolm
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A Guide To Digital Business Cards in 2021
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In terms of communication, the world has been evolving ever since.

The recent conditions of the pandemic have only accelerated the growth of these Wireless and digital methods of communication.

With that in mind, our reliance on technology for communication only increases with the descent of time and cannot be avoided. 

Since the need for remote operation has increased ever since coronavirus hit, the world has fallen to the methods like remote work, online networking, and virtual events.

This gave a rise to the concern that the traditional paper cards won’t just cut it anymore.

After being around for centuries, we can say that they are done for good.

To replace those paper business cards, the world is moving towards the digital option – Digital Business Cards!

Read ahead to find out more.

What Is a Digital Business Card?

What Is a Digital Business Card

Also known as virtual or electronic business cards, Digital business cards are a relatively newer method of transferring contact information online. 

Anyone can create a digital business card. Regardless of what electronic device you own, a digital business card can be easily created on an iPhone, iPad, and Android Smartphone, or Computer.

As it happens, Digital business cards happen to be more affordable than their obsolete version of paper business cards.

There is a big improvisation to the standard business cards as there is no limit for the users to store their data and they can add as much information as they would like to.

In the traditional paper business cards, there was only so much information that a person could add to their digital business card. 

Digital business cards also bring personalization to the table. A person can use their picture as well as any design that they would like to go with for their digital business cards. However, it is not necessary to add a plethora of information about yourself.

In most cases, the small chunks of information can be more than enough for you to get business opportunities.

Having said that, if you have never created a business card, then there are certain pieces of information that you should add.

If you are looking to create a digital business card, then you should add information such as your name, the name of the company and its logo, your email, and your phone number, your social media profiles, and more. 

Digital business cards also allow you to create a good impression of yourself and your business. Considering that digital business cards are quite recent, using them could give a good image of you and your company. 

How Do Digital Business Cards Work?

What Is a Digital Business Card

If you are wondering how to do digital business cards work, then you are in the right place.

When it comes to operating Digital business cards, there are various digital business card applications available on the market for you to choose from.

To save your time, we did some research on the topic, and considering our facts and figures, we prefer you to use HiHello for creating your Digital Business Card. HiHello is a great application for creating digital business cards and is also free for users to use.

It has special features such as a Business card scanner, and a contact manager app. 

The functionality of this app is rather brilliant and gives it an edge over the other applications.

That’s not even the best part, however.

HiHello, an app for creating digital business cards allows users to be able to create multiple digital cards.

This proves to be an amazing addition to the long list of functionality.

We highly regard this factor as this factor will allow you to create an individual digital business card that will concern your work contacts, One card for your clients or your customer, and then one digital business card will be for your relatives and your family members.

Most of the digital business card applications on the market have rather limited functionality. They hinder the ability of the users to share their digital business cards with anyone.

This kills the whole reason for having a digital business card in the first place.

HiHello, however, understands that and allows the users to share their multiple different digital business cards with different people as per their liking.

As a matter of fact, the users can even share the digital business card with people that are not even signed up on the app of HiHello. 

What Are the Benefits of Digital Business Cards?

What Are the Benefits of Digital Business Cards

If this is the first you have heard about digital business cards, then we need to tell you about the benefits that having a digital business card can have for you.

Here are some benefits of using a digital business card: 


With the advancement in time, Convenience is something that we all look for. Digital Business Cards are always going to be within the reach of your hand.

Since The whole process of using them is electronic, you will not have to worry about lower supply or if you need to order more. 

Environment Friendly

This is without a doubt, The biggest reason for considering a digital business card.

If you use digital business cards, The need for using the papers for making the business cards will fall by a lot.

This will reduce the number of trees cut down, hence making this a more environment-friendly option. 


One of the biggest benefits of having digital business cards is that they cut down costs.

When you have to get the paper business cards, you will have to pay for getting them printed in a larger quantity.

However, the same is not the case with Digital Business cards.

The Digital Business cards cut off the need for reprinting. 


Cards are something that comes into everyday use. Digital Cards are a great choice as they can be shared with anyone, or anywhere.

All you have to do is send over the link to your digital card via email, text, or social media. The users could also hold up their digital cards to scan their QR codes.

Follow-ups are Easier

In most scenarios, the paper cards will usually end up in a wallet or being left somewhere.

After that, people are going to forget all about it.

However, with a digital business card, you can avoid this from happening, and following up will become a lot easier. 

How to Make a Digital Business Card?

How to Make a Digital Business Card

Now that you are all caught up on the benefits of having digital business cards, then let us go ahead and tell you the method for making a digital business card.

The Process of making a digital business card is rather simple and easy. 

To begin making a digital business card, the first thing that you will have to do is download a business card app.

Once you are done installing the application on your mobile phone or the device that you are using, you have the means to make your very own digital business cards.

Although there are a lot of digital business card apps that you can use, we suggest that you use the HiHello application.

Whether it be a PC, an iPhone, or a smartphone, the HiHello app is going to be available in all scenarios. 

Once you download HiHello, the next step requires you to sign up with the platform.

As mentioned in the article above, signing up with HiHello is free so there should be no difficulties in this step.

When you are done signing up, the next process will be making your card. For making your card, you will have to add your name, your title, your company’s name, your email address, and your phone number.

Once you are done doing that, the next step will require you to add your photo.

Once you are done adding the photograph, you will be done creating your digital business card – it’s that simple. 

What to Include on A Digital Business Card?

What to Include on A Digital Business Card

As mentioned above, there are no limitations to the texts that you can add to your digital business cards.

However, there are a few things that are the most important to add when it comes to putting information on a digital business card. 


We are going to imagine that you have used HiHello to create your account.

When you make an account with HiHello, you have the ability to add more than your first and Last names.

This is why make sure that you add your full name, and that includes any suffixes and prefixes. 

Title and Company:

When you make your digital business card, you better make sure that you add your complete information.

If you are currently employed, make sure to add your designation and the name of your company.

Contact Information:

This is how your customers or your references are supposed to contact you. You have to add all of the places where you can be contacted.

This may include your email, your phone numbers, your websites, or your social media accounts. 


Adding your physical address makes for one of the most important things for your business.

This will affect certain decisions of the party you are dealing with.

However, if the Business location is not important in your line of work, you are going to be fine if you don’t add it. 

Picture or Video:

Representation is one of the most important things when it comes to creating digital business cards.

Adding a photo or a video to your digital business card is important as it will help your targeted audience to identify for you.

By adding a video or a photo to your contact, you can even become more memorable. 


Add a professional look to your cards! When you make your digital business card with HiHello, make sure to add your Logos to the business cards. This is essential for making your brand’s name. 


Choosing the right color is important when it comes to making your business cards.

Colors will help you stand out, so make sure that you choose some unique color.

You get 10 different colors with the free app. 

How to Put Social Media on Your Business Card?

How to Put Social Media on Your Business Card:

Adding a social media profile to your digital business card can have a positive impact on your resume or your business.

This is why you need to add your social media profiles to your business cards. 


The traffic of Twitter has increased with time. If you also have an account on Twitter, adding your Twitter account to your digital business card will allow you to grow your business online.

People regarding your industry are likely going to be on Twitter so it is a good option to add your Twitter account. 


To the people that belong in the creative industry, adding your Instagram can be a great way to show off your creativity.

Adding your account on the digital business card will allow you to show off your portfolio to your clients. 


Facebook is one of the biggest online social media platforms.

This is why adding a Facebook link on your digital business card can be a great way to grow your page reach and will also allow you to stay engaged. 


Linked is considered a social media platform for professionals.

This is why adding LinkedIn to your account will allow you to increase your business growth on the market.

Adding a link to your LinkedIn Profile is also a great option if you are looking for a job. 


Now, this may be one of the unusual methods of social media, but this is a great method for people such as Vloggers.

If you want to show off your skills and show your skills, add the link to your YouTube Channel! To embed a video in your card, turn on the feature. 


For Content Creators, influencers, social media managers, Snapchat is a great account to add to your digital business card!

Moreover, adding a Snapchat account to your card will also allow you to add some spice to your card. 

What Else Should I Put on My Business Card?

What Else Should I Put on My Business Card

If the social media handles and personal information is not enough, then here are somethings that you can add to your digital business cards:


For any engineer or developer, adding Github to their digital business cards is a great way to show their work to potential clients.


If you own a business, then adding the link to your Yelp account can help you significantly.

When you add the Yelp link on your card, you will be able to drive in a lot of traffic to your business and are also going to be able to receive five-star reviews! 


If you accept electronic payments, then the link to mentioned accounts will make it a lot easier for your customers and clients to pay you right away.

This will eliminate the need for searching for your name or other contact information. 


If you have a calendly link for your accounts, then having Calendly can prove to be a great addition to your digital business card.

People who tap the link to your account will actively be taken to your calendar so they can schedule a meeting with you. 

How Do I Share My Digital Business Card?

How Do I Share My Digital Business Card

Once you are done making your card, you will need to share it so people can know that you have one.

Here are some methods for sharing your Digital Business card: 

Add a QR Code:

This is the foremost and easiest method for sharing your business card. Every individual business card made with HiHello has a significant QR code.

For instance, if you are networking with a person and you feel the need to share the card with them.

All you will have to do is pull up your QR code on the app and hover it towards the screen.

Further, the person wanting to see your QR code will aim their phone’s camera at the screen and your digital business card will appear in front of them. 

Share via Email or Text:

This is one of the easiest and traditional ways of sharing things. To share your Digital Business cards with your customers, all the users will need to do is tap on their HiHello app, double-tap the screen and the send screen will appear.

From here, the users will need to either choose Email or text.

Once you choose either option, the users will be asked to add the name of the person they want to send their digital business cards.

However, if you choose the text option from the HiHello app, the application is going to send your Digital Business card via its own number, and not yours. 


Here goes the complete guide to help you understand what digital business cards are.

We hope you found this information valuable and take something new away from this. 

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