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How to Customize Your CardXE Business Cards? – Step by Step Guide

Mbafe Malcolm
Mbafe Malcolm
Mbafe Malcolm founded CARDXE on my part to the unknown and entrepreneurship creating App to ease the way we live Connecting with people has never been that Easy.
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Digital business card happens to be a thing of the modern world. 

This is why you need to have a digital business card for yourself that not only attracts your clientele to your firm but makes a professional impact on your client too. 

Cardxe happens to be the best platform where one can come up with a premium business card of his own. 

Following is a step-by-step guide on how one can create a good business card for himself! 

Step 1: Install

You need to install the Cardxe app on your smartphone.

It doesn’t matter what type of operating software you have, Cardxe can easily be installed on android or IOS phones.

CARDXE App on App Store

Step 2: Sign-Up

Once you install the Cardxe app on your phone, now in order to get started with this app, you need to sign up for this app.

A window like the one in the image would appear right in front of you.

You can sign up by either Facebook, Instagram, or by making an account with this app.


Step 3: Customization

Now the real fun begins. You need to tap on the three-line that appears on the left menu. Then select create card option.


Now you would be directed to the theme section where you would be selecting the color of your card.

Once you decide to choose the color you want, you might need to choose the appropriate font for your business card.

You need to make sure that the font should clearly be visible, and matches your color scheme.

 color scheme

Once you select the color for your card, you would be directed towards the window that will require you to add your personnel information.

This information would be visible on your card.


Once you have added all the information, here you would get to see the preview of your card, along with the option to save it.

If you are satisfied with the preview, then you need to save the credit card.

credit card

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This is how you customize your digital business card with Cardexe. We hope you find this guide help you.

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