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How to Create a Digital Business Card on a Phone

Mbafe Malcolm
Mbafe Malcolm
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Digital Business cards are a new addition to businesses and are going to be replacing the traditional business cards very soon. Creating a business card is rather simple and very easy, and can be created from your Phone as well. 

Let’s get started on the method of creating your business card via your smartphone. 

Since you are planning to create a digital business card via your smartphone, you are going to be needing an app for creating a digital business card.

Now, there are a lot of applications that you can use to create a digital business card, but we prefer using Cardxe as it simply offers more features than the other applications that are used for creating a business card.

Follow through these steps to create a digital business card on your Smartphone: 

Step #1: Download the App:

This is the very first thing to do when you are looking to create a digital business card via your smartphone.

To create a digital business card, you will have to download the Cardxe app. To download the application, go to the respective stores of your Mobile Phones.

You can also use these links to head over to your device’s app/play store.

App Store

Play Store

On the search bar of your device’s app store or play store, search the name of the app which is: “Cardxe” and press the download button. The Apple iOS store might ask for your credentials so make sure to add your credentials to be done with the registration process.

CARDXE App on App Store

Once you have downloaded Cardxe, we may move on to the next step.

Step #2: Sign up With the App: 

The First Interface that you see when you launch the app. 

First Interface of Cardxe

And for the next step of the process, you will need to sign up with the app.

This is the best thing about creating a digital card with the Cardxe app: The Cardxe App comes with a simplistic process that allows you to create a Digital business card easily and efficiently.

The best part about Cardxe is the fact that Cardxe comes at a free pricing plan and regardless of being free, Cardxe is more than enough for you to be able to create a digital business card. 

Click on Sign Up Here

This is the first interface of the app that you are going to be seeing when you are going to launch the app. 

Now, from here, press the Sign up link at the bottom.

Sign Up Page

Add all the information required by the application to complete the whole process of signing up. The information required is rather prominent and can be added easily.

Add all the information and agree with the Private policy of the app. After you are done, the app will require you to verify your email account. 

Step #3: Personalize, Save, and You’re Good to Go!: 

After you are done adding your information. You see this page. 

After Sign Up Page

Tap on the three-line on the left side of the app to open this menu. Select Create Card from here. 

3 Dotts

You will have to choose a color to go along with your created digital card. You get different color options in this step. 

Choose BG Color

The Next Step Shows you a preview of the outlook of your card. 

Card Preview

In here, you add in all the information. 

Enter Information

Once you are done, save the credit card and you have successfully created a digital business card. 

Save Your Card

After you are done, you see your card in the “My Cards” Section. The Card is ready to share and to be further personalized! 

My Cards


Here is a complete guide on how to create a digital business card via your smartphone. Hope you find this helpful. 

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